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Serian UK, founded in 2005, is a registered charity that aims to promote education for sustainable ways of living in the UK and Tanzania.
All of the trustees volunteer their time for free and do not claim expenses which means that 100% of money donated goes to the charity.

Serian UK has supported Noonkodin Secondary School, in a remote Maasai village in northern Tanzania, since it was first established. Noonkodin is the only secondary school in East Africa to teach local cultural heritage (such as songs, stories, traditional calendars and medicinal plant knowledge) alongside core curriculum subjects like Maths, English, Science and History.

Projects include tree planting, organic farming, gender equality training, and research into human values.

In the UK, Global Dimension learning in primary and secondary schools is promoted through UK/Tanzania school partnerships, Maasai-themed assemblies and practical arts activities.

Serian UK organise public events, including talks, workshops and a biennial photographic exhibition.

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