Sponsors and Supporters


Most of Serian UK’s money comes from individual sponsorship and donations. We have over 80 regular sponsors, each paying between £10 and £40 per month to cover the tuition fees, board (three nutritious meals per day) and lodging of students at the school.

If you are not able to commit to sponsoring a student on a regular basis  please consider our Friends of Noonkodin scheme which allows you to give from as little as £2 a month to support the good work!


Schools and Colleges:

Another vital source of funds is UK schools and colleges, often through fundraising efforts organised by the pupils themselves. We also have an ongoing connections with various schools throughout the UK and are very grateful for the donations raised by many, many other schools that we don’t have room to list here.


Faith-Based Organisations:

Serian UK is a non-denominational charity, but we greatly appreciate the generous contributions that have been made by faith-based organisations, including the Baha’i communities of Southport, Chester, Chippenham and North Wales; the Baha’i Agency for Social and Economic Development, UK (BASED-UK); the Hedge End United Reformed Church; St Columba’s Church in Cambridge; and many others.


Charitable Trusts:

Serian UK has received support from the Hilden Charitable Fund (two grants of £5000 for anti-FGM campaigning work and for the girls’ safe house), Tanzania Development Trust (over £10,000 in total for construction projects, including a staff house and classrooms), Just Trust (£500 for school supplies), and Edward Starr Trust (£1000 for books).


Corporate Donations:

We are grateful to Pegasus Graphics for generously donating their time to create this website.The website is now hosted by 4UH and paid for by the trustees.


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