Sustainability Projects

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Sustainability Projects at Noonkodin School

Serian UK’s mission is to promote education for sustainable ways of living, and nowhere is this more evident than at Noonkodin School.

We promote positive values and inter-cultural education, preserve indigenous knowledge and build research capacity to support sustainable development.
Yet Noonkodin does some very practical things, too:


Rainwater Harvesting

Global climate change affects our environment. Drought is one of our biggest problems. Sometimes the school can go for six months at a time without a drop of rain falling!

We want to construct a 60,000 litre underground water tank to harvest rain for each of the school buildings. This will reduce the need for trucks to bring water in the dry season.

The first two of these tanks have been built, and collect enough water to last the school about two months. We urgently need tanks for the science lab and kitchen, and other areas of the school.


Organic Farming and Tree Planting

Maize (corn) and beans are the staple foodstuffs in northern Tanzania. In 2010, Noonkodin School tried growing its own food, rather than buying it from local farmers.

The school managed to grow enough food to feed the 200 students, 12 teachers and 4 support staff for 3 months, despite elephants trampling some of the crops! We hope to expand the agriculture project during 2011.

The school has a small orchard of fruit and shade giving trees. Individual students are given a tree sapling when they join Form 1, and nurture it as they move up through the school.

Goats for Gifts for Girls

“Goats for Gifts”, a US charity” has recently provided a goat to each of Noonkodin’s refugee girls who have escaped from female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

The goats are an indigenous breed, well adapted to the local environment and climate. They provide milk, and as the herd grows, some will be sold to raise money towards the girls’ living expenses, exam fees and medical care.

Future Projects

Noonkodin is exploring new sustainability projects, including:

  • Producing Fairtrade organic herbal soaps, essential oils etc from sustainably harvested medicinal plants grown on the school site
  • Cultural tourism project
  • Beekeeping to produce honey and beeswax
  • Breeding of dairy cattle, together with production of biogas for cooking
  • Recording and marketing traditional music



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