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Noonkodin School has almost 200 students aged between 14 and 25, over 60% of them female. Some of these girls and young women have run away from home in order to escape female genital mutilation and/or forced marriages, often to much older men.

All secondary schools in Tanzania, including those run by the government, are fee paying. Noonkodin requires its students to cover the costs of tuition and a daily meal, and for those living on site, board and lodging. Many pastoralists struggle to sustain their families and with little or no cash income, even this modest fee is difficult to pay. Sponsorship is vital for many students to complete secondary education and thus improve their life chances!

Please consider making a regular monthly contribution to help students have a better chance at a brighter future.


One-off donations are also gratefully received. Serian UK makes no deduction for expenses or admin costs.


You’ll receive photos and letters from your sponsored student (unless you choose to remain anonymous), as well as the Serian UK newsletter . We can also arrange for you to visit your `sponsee’ and their family in Tanzania, gaining a real insight into day-to-day life in one of Africa’s most beautiful and peaceful countries.

For further information contact Janine.


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