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Building up

Building up, 2006-2008

In 2006, under the headship of former schools inspector Mathew Ole Kasaro, Noonkodin School was successfully registered with the Tanzanian government – just in time for the first cohort of students to sit for the 2006 National Form II Examination (the equivalent of UK Key Stage 3 SATs).
In spite of all the challenges, the school amazed sceptics by ranking fifth in the district league tables.

From 2005-2008, the school focused on building up both its infrastructure (classrooms, dormitory blocks, toilets, a temporary kitchen, and a second staff house) and its academic reputation. One of our proudest moments came in September 2008, when, in front of an audience of over 500 parents, staff members, donors and friends, our first 26 graduates received their secondary school leaving certificates.