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The birth of Noonkodin and Serian UK

The birth of Noonkodin and Serian UK, 2005

By January 2005, the school – now called Noonkodin Secondary School, and led by retired teacher Ole Kutukay Loondomonok and a staff of four – had opened its doors to its first group of secondary-level students, studying the full national curriculum in Swahili, Maths, English, History, Geography, Civics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

When Gemma Burford gave a lecture about the project at Oxford Brookes University in March 2005, several students and a faculty member volunteered to set up a student society in order to raise funds and awareness. Following the students’ active participation in the successful 2005 International Summer School, the society evolved into an officially registered charity – Serian UK!

The new charity soon established a strong base of individual sponsors, making regular monthly donations to support named students at the school, as well as attracting small donations from schools, colleges, community groups, churches and Baha’i communities, and occasionally from larger charities.