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Yvonne Castino

Yvonne Castino joined the Serian UK trustees in November 2007. She is now retired from a long teaching and teacher training career, her last position being Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth where she was the Programme Manager of the Language Centre.

Her areas of specialisation are English as a Foreign Language and Cultural Awareness. She remains an external examiner for the Cambridge University suite of examinations in English as a Foreign Language.

She first met Gemma and her parents when she was Gemma’s English teacher and followed her career with great interest.
She lives in Netley Abbey, Southampton, and she and her late husband Franco, who died in December 2013, shared a great interest in Serian UK. Together they visited Noonkodin School in February 2007 and met their sponsored student for the first time.

They made a second visit in 2009 and were very pleased to see how the hard work was continuing and how well the students were progressing. Yvonne hopes to fulfil the plans she and Franco had to re-visit Noonkodin before too long.

Yvonne raises funds for Serian UK through the sale of greetings cards which she designs and makes throughout the year.
An amateur in the art of web design, Yvonne set up the original Serian UK website.

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