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`Maasai Art’ Launched in Stroud

Earlier this in 2011, Serian UK trustee Gemma Burford gave a presentation at the launch of the new social enterprise ‘Maasai Art’ at the Star Anise Café in Stroud, Gloucestershire. An exhibition of pictures by two Maasai artists hung in the café for a period of three weeks. Among the guests at the launch party were the Mayor of Stroud, who was interested to hear about the charity’s work, and the Head of Sixth Form at Marling School (which has supported Serian UK since 2008).

Anyone who visited Noonkodin School in the academic year 2009-10 will remember Erfan Fadaei, our superstar volunteer who earned himself the nickname ‘Morani’ (Warrior) because of the enthusiasm with which he embraced Maasai culture. Now his older brother Iman has also shown his dedication to Noonkodin and Tanzania, by setting up The Positive Ideas Company which runs the Maasai Art site. The artists get a fair price, the customers get beautiful and authentic Maasai art work to hang on their walls, and Noonkodin gets an amazingly generous 25% of the profit (so that every picture sold means one child sponsored for a year). It can only be described as a win-win-win situation!

Maasai Art has its own Everyclick page at, and its website can be found at Please tell all your art-loving friends…

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